Who we are

Between mystery and poetry … Reverendo Secret in the strength of the brand ambassador Silk Gift Milan by Amanda Archetti. In mystery and poetry he finds the inspiration lost in the mists of time … An alchemy of ancient origins and spontaneous simplicity. This is the thought that comes from an unknown point and creates an energy capable of involving. Reverendo Secret is the translation of a book already lived that it is impossible to forget … today tomorrow and always. His depth is his noble soul always looking for answers. Michele Lattanzio alias Reverendo Secret and pure art. His eclectic art stops space and converts time. Through his songs he communicates a deep vision of the unknown in the surreal  and metaphysical forms… his research is focused on the particular inner grow up  and esoteric obtained from a careful  and methodological study of tarot oracles, ghosts and legends .. His personal attitude towards the beyond and his expressive and creative originality give him particular nicknames such as the prince of awakening or the minstrel of the soul.. His strength was born of ancient origins, in particular his descendants is the family of di Sangro known for the events of Prince Raimondo di Sangro alchemist philosopher medical esotericist and freemason historical symbol of prominence and undisputed genius of our time… thanks to the inspirations and references of enormous value, the artist manages to communicate his visions through poetry, the interpretation and composition to which he gives the millenary doctrine of his knowledge.Meaningful  is the improvisation through words and argomento with which challenges the laws of matter and spirit, generating masterpieces of absolute greatness from anything

Michele Lattanzio alias “Reverendo Secret”, he is an  eclectic singer-songwriter who came to the success  thanks to  Italian’s Got Talent 2016 in which improvising songs created by words given at random by the audience he impressed the 4 judges and the audience up to the standing ovation.

In the limelight for Italian’s Gt Talent, as well as for the TV show “Guess my Age” with Enrico Papi aired on TV8 where he is distinguished by making a fun sketch and the show  “Good afternoon” on Telenorba conducted by Michele Cucuzza and Mary De Gennaro where he performed one of his funny improvisations.

Singer-author, multi-instrumentalist, he boasts Italian and international web, radio and TV musical experiences.

Repertoire: own, Italian folk national popular, light Italian and international of various types in order to create an engaging show is important.